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Alice on Board blog

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Tsakirakis RIBs & boats club

We live by the sea, we live with the sea! Tsakirakis RIBs & boats takes us a step further into the blue, providing services for watersports lovers. Tsakirakis RIBs & boats marine experience takes care of our every need in and out of the sea, with safekeeping and salvage services. ...

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Hotel Exari

In the beautiful landscape of Omalos, the Koutroulis family has created, with a lot of respect to the environment the hotel “EXARI”, a traditional construction with 24 bedrooms which operates all year round. All rooms have magnificent view in the plateau of Omalos. Also, nearby the hotel the family has ...

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3S trading

3S is an innovative software provider serving for more than 28 years more than 120 travel agencies in Greece and abroad. In order to meet their clients needs 3S maintains a wide range of products bringing an innovative approach to tourism software. As expert in the tourism industry, 3S is ...

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Alice on Board

Alice on Board is a small online store, a small On Line Boutique inspired from Alice and her mother Pepi, for their tiny happy friends, that one can easily visit, look around, recommend to friends and shop from. A collection of beautiful things from around the world, Europe, America, by ...

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Lyboussakis Salvage & Towage

The "Consortium Union of Tugs - Salvage Tugs Lyboussakis" is a family owned business, which for over 20 years has been occupied in the field of Towing and Salvage, both nationally and internationally. The company's continuous development has lead to its cooperation with big Shipping Companies, the outcome of which is ...

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Marathakis Apartments

Marathakis apartments is a family business operating since 1989. With respect to the visitor and the natural landscape of Crete, Marathakis invites you to a cozy seaside neighborhood that offers a real escape from the city and everyday life. No matter how far or close you come from, the devotion to hospitality ...

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Digital Neighbourhoods

In the past, parents relied on family, friends and neighborhood to get information, help and support. Today we live in big cities, the family and our friends are away and we do all day, our new neighborhood is the internet and blogging. Blogging is a means to share our thoughts, ...